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Grandmother's Recipes

To my grandchildren
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my darling grandchildren. It has been fun making this recipe book for you, just as it was fun cooking for you all these many years. What fond memories these recipes bring to mind—sometimes when you came to our house, the first place you would go was to the freezer.

When Grandpa, Debbie, Susan, and I moved to Riverton in June 1958, the freezer was our first 'BIG' purchase—had to get it for Grandpa's first antelope hunt in Fremont County. The first year in Riverton, it was in the log house just north of the place we bought. When we moved to our new home, it was in the garage until Grandpa moved a cabinet from the utility room to the office. Then the freezer came into the utility room where it was for 42 years.

With the arrival of our little sweet twins, Brian and Lori, we had to build on to our house—a family room, two bedrooms, bathroom, and a closet by the back door for grandpa's work and hunting clothes. Even with the addition to the house, the freezer had a permanent spot in the utility room.

You grandchildren are so special to me and I am fortunate to have you as a part of my life. You are beautiful, handsome, caring and kind, wonderful personalities, very intelligent, loving—what more can I say except SUPER in every way!!!

I love you all so much and I wish you happiness, good health, a happy future doing what you enjoy, and a special true love in your lives.

With my love,